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Conference Video Highlights

IntercoinX Exchange Launching Dinner

IntercoinX Exchange Launching Conference

IntercoinX Exchange Launching Party

01. The Conference

10.000 audiences, big project, leading cryptocurrency platform gather at this launching conference in Kuala Lumpur On July 9th and 10th, IntercoinX held their coin to coin launching conference at MITEC in Kuala Lumpur. The event drew in thousands of people, many coming from all over the world. The concept was to witness and celebrate the launch of IntercoinX Exchange and promoting the new era of smart finance.

Roman Arayan The Ecosystem and Value of ICBX

The conference started with CEO of Intercoin Capital, Roman Arayan with his keynote on the ecosystem and value of ICBX. Roman got into the ecosystem and the use of ICBX and how it can brings value to the world.

A valuable digital currency is not about what superb technology is used, but how to effectively integrate into the application scenario, and how many people own and recognize it. ICBX is potentially become the most valuable platform token in the future.”
Roman Arayan – Intercoin Capital, CEO

Josh Basiladze xDream 3.0 Is Launched In 2020 to Welcome The New Era of Smart Finance


The second VIP speaker was CTO of IntercoinX, Josh Basiladze with his sharing about artificial intelligence and the core value of xDream 3.0 in the new era of smart finance.

The launch of smart platform will completely revolutionize the traditional trading model with the help of “handsfree trading”, which allows all users to trade at anytime, anywhere, anyone, and with any requirements. XDream 3.0 will launch in August 2020, looking forward to meeting with you guys!
Josh Basiladze – IntercoinX, CTO

Anthony Altmann IntercoinX Exchange Is Launched and We Are One Step Closer to Victory


The launching speech was given by CEO of IntercoinX, Anthony Altmann with his ambitious goal to make IntercoinX top 10 cryptocurrency trading platform within one year.

I believe that IntercoinX will get more worldwide recognition with the launched of coin to coin trading. Our conquest of the market will culminate with the release of smart trading platform xDream 3.0 which surely will put us ahead of the pack.”
Anthony Altmann – IntercoinX, CEO

02. IntercoinX Exchange Launching Ceremony

03. IntercoinX Exchange Launching Dinner

The VIP dinner was attended by the special invited VIP guests, blockchain experts and leaders around the world.

04. Launching Dinner Lucky Draw

The lucky draw prizes included Mercedes Benz, Rolex watches and ICBX gold coins has been awarded to the lucky audiences.

05. IntercoinX Exchange Launching Party

The party was held at Sunway surf beach. Thousands of participants gathered and celebrated IntercoinX Exchange Launching in the party. It was ended perfectly with the amazing fireworks showing the logo of INTERCOINX and it will mark another memorable milestone for us!

06. ICC Global Family

07. 2019 Year End Cruise Celebration